MA Geography Previous (REGULAR) Practical Camps @ Jodhpur
BSc First Year (Group I) Practical Camp @ Jodhpur
MA/MSc Geography Previous (REGULAR) Practical Camps
BSc First Year (Group III) Practical Camp @ Jodhpur
Contact Camp for Practical Classes of BLIS July 2016 RC Udaipur
Contact Camp for Practical Classes of DLIS July 2016 RC Udaipur
क्षेत्रीय कार्यालय जयपुर पर BAP, BCP, BJ,MJ,MSW (Pre)(Fin)MA MSc Maths (Pre)(Fin)MA English (Pre)(Fin) की परामर्श कक्षाएँ
Contact Camp for Practical Classes of DLIS Jul 2016 @ Kota
Contact Camp for Practical Classes of BLIS Jul 2016 @ Kota
MSc Physics (Previous) July 2016 Regular Batch Practical Camp of RC Jaipur
MAGE Practical Camp (Previous 164080-07201 to 070400)(Final 154080-070001 to 070120) July 2016 @ Jodhpur
MZO Practical camp July 2016 @ Jodhpur
MAGE Practical Camp July 2016 (Previous 164080-070001 to 070200)
MSc CH Practical Camp July 2016 @ Jodhpur
Schedule of B.Ed. Final Lesson (Batch 2015-17)
MSc Botany Practicals @ Kota
MSc Zoology Practical Camp Kota
CPDL Training at RC Jaipur
MED Defaulter Camp
MSC Botany Final संशोधित प्रायोगिक परीक्षा सम्बन्धी सुचना सत्र जनवरी 2016
Counseling Classes of PGDWRM and DWSM for the Session Jan 2016
BA Pt. I/II/II Home Science Practical Camp @ RC Bikaner
MZO Practical camp @ Jodhpur
DLIS/BLIS Practical Camp @ Jodhpur
Practical Camp of B.A.Part-I, II HM-03,HM-06 Session January2016 @ Kota
MAPSY Previous & Final Camp Bharatpur
प्रायोगिक परीक्षा संबंधी सूचना सत्र जनवरी २०१६ - उदयपुर
Home Science (गृह विज्ञानं ) अनिवार्य संपर्क शिविर सुचना Jan 2016 @ Udaipur
DYA, DYN,CIY, CIN Practical Camp @ Bharatpur
MA - मनोविज्ञान शिविर @ RC BIKANER


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