Revaluation & Re Totaling

Title Notice Datedsort ascending
First Revaluation List (BAP/BCP) 18/Mar/2017
Reval 10th Additional List B Dec-15 18/Jan/2017
Additional 12th List of Revaluation Result June 2016 Exam 09/Jan/2017
Office Order for Revaluation XII List 26/Dec/2016
Revaluation Result - XIth List 16/Dec/2016
Office Order (BScL-3) 14/Dec/2016
Xth list of Revaluation 13/Dec/2016
IXth list of Revaluation 09/Dec/2016
VIIIth List Revaluation June-2016 29/Nov/2016
VII th List of Revaluation June-2016 Exam 19/Nov/2016
VI th List Revaluation June-2016 Examintion 11/Nov/2016
Vth List Revaluation June-2016 Examintion as per MAED- P & F, MAGE- P & F, PGDCA, MBO-P, BBA-III, BJ, CPDL, MAGEL-F 08/Nov/2016
Revaluation Result June 2016 Exam List - IV 27/Oct/2016
Revaluation Result of BLIS Exam June 2016 26/Oct/2016
Revaluation Result June 2016 Exam List - III 26/Oct/2016
Ist list Revaluation result pertaining to June-2016 21/Oct/2016
Reval 10th Additional List Dec-15 01/Sep/2016
IXth List Revaluation Result Dec-15 30/Jun/2016
VIIIth List Revaluation Result Dec-2015 17/Jun/2016
VIIth List Revaluation Result Dec-2015 13/Jun/2016
VIth List Revaluation Dec-2015 Exam 02/Jun/2016
Vth List Revaluation Result Dec-15 Exam 30/May/2016
Unfair Means Committee Dec-2015 Exam 30/May/2016
IVth List Revaluation Result Dec-15 24/May/2016
Revaluation Result Pertaining Dec-2015 30/Apr/2016
IInd List of Revaluation Dec-2015 Examination as per (BAP/BScP/BBA-I/BCA-I/BCOM-I &II/MASA-P/BCOM-III & MED Programme) 27/Apr/2016
Revaluation Result Dec-2015 21/Apr/2016
Revaluation Office Order 09/Mar/2016
Office Order Revaluation List June 2015 13/Feb/2016


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