Revaluation & Re Totaling

Title Notice Datedsort ascending
Office Order Revaluation List June 2015 14/Jan/2016
Revaluation List June-2015 (BAP, PGDCA, CPDL, DLIS, MA/MSCMT Previous & Final & Lateral, MSCCH-Previous & Final, MBA-II, (II List) BAP, BCom-2L-2, B.Com-3L-3, B.Com-III, BLIS, BScP, MAHD-Previous, MBAS-56, MJ, MScCH-Pre & Final, MScZo-Pre & Final, BA-II 08/Jan/2016
Retotaling Cases Resolved Up to 19-12-2015 08/Jan/2016
Revaluation List June-2015 (PGDLL, BA-IInd Year, BCOM-Ist & IInd, BCP, MAGE Previous & Final, MCOM Previous & Final & Lit. Final MSCGE Previous, MSCZO Previous Programme) 29/Dec/2015
Re-Totaling Cases Resolved Awaited up to 30-11-2015 26/Dec/2015
Revaluation List of BAD3, MAED, MAEG, MAHD, MAHI, MAPS, MBA, MAPA, MAPST, MSCBO, MSW of June-2015 Exam 18/Dec/2015
Revaluation List of BBAII, BJ, DJMC, MAEC, MAPSY, MASO, MJ, MSCPH of June-2015 Exam 15/Dec/2015
Re-totaling Cases List IV June 2015 Exams 10/Dec/2015
Revaluation List of BAP, PGDCA, PGDGC of June-2015 Exam 03/Dec/2015
Re-totaling Cases List III 20/Nov/2015
Re-totaling Cases List II 18/Nov/2015
Re-totaling Cases 29/Oct/2015
REVALUATION 8th LIST 16/Jul/2015
REVALUATION Seventh LIST 02/Jul/2015
Revaluation List V TEE Dec 2014 10/Jun/2015
Revaluation List IV TEE Dec 2014 10/Jun/2015
Re-totalling Second List TEE Dec 2014 28/May/2015
Revaluation List III TEE Dec 2014 28/May/2015
Revaluation List II 16/May/2015
First list of Revaluation December 2014 Examination 06/May/2015
Re Totalling of TEE Dec 2014 05/May/2015


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