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Programmes on Offer

#NameMax (Months)Minimum (Months)Teacher/Contact
1Bachelor in Library and Information Science2412 Dr. Subodh Kumar
2Bachelor of Arts Additional Economics3612 Dr. SURENDER KUMAR KULSHRESTHA
3Bachelor of Arts Additional Education3612 Dr. PATANJALI MISHRA
4Bachelor of Arts Additional English3612 Dr. (Smt.) KSHAMATA CHAUDHARY
5Bachelor of Arts Additional Gandhi and Peace Studies3612 Dr. B. ARUN KUMAR
6Bachelor of Arts Additional Geography3612 Dr. ALOK CHAUHAN
7Bachelor of Arts Additional Hindi Literature3612 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
8Bachelor of Arts Additional History3612 Dr. AKBAR ALI
9Bachelor of Arts Additional Journalism and Mass Communication3612 Dr. Subodh Kumar
10Bachelor of Arts Additional Mathematics3612 Mr. RAVI GUPTA
11Bachelor of Arts Additional Political Science3612 Dr. B. ARUN KUMAR
12Bachelor of Arts Additional Psychology3612 Dr. AKHILESH KUMAR
13Bachelor of Arts Additional Public Administration3612 Dr. AKBAR ALI
14Bachelor of Arts Additional Rajasthani3612 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
15Bachelor of Arts Additional Sanskrit3612 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
16Bachelor of Arts Additional Sociology3612 Dr. AKBAR ALI
17Bachelor of Arts Additional Urdu3612 Dr. AKBAR ALI
18Bachelor of Arts Programme (GE/CS/IT/HM)7236 Dr. SURENDER KUMAR KULSHRESTHA
19Bachelor of Arts Programme (Pass Course)7236 Dr. SURENDER KUMAR KULSHRESTHA
20Bachelor of Business Administration Programme7236 Dr. ANURODH GODHA
21Bachelor of Commerce Programme (Pass Course) 7236 Dr. ANURODH GODHA
22Bachelor of Computer Application7236 Mr. NEERAJ ARORA
23Bachelor of Journalism2412 Dr. Subodh Kumar
24Bachelor of Science Additional Economics3612 Dr. SURENDER KUMAR KULSHRESTHA
25Bachelor of Science Additional Geography3612 Dr. ALOK CHAUHAN
26Bachelor of Science Additional Mathematics3612 Mr. RAVI GUPTA
27Bachelor of Social Work7236 Dr. ALOK CHAUHAN
28Certificate in Apabhransha Language126 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
29Certificate in Awareness of Gandhian Methods126 Dr. B. ARUN KUMAR
30Certificate in Creative Writing in English126 Dr. (Smt.) KSHAMATA CHAUDHARY
31Certificate in Falit Jyotish126 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
32Certificate in Functional English126 Dr. (Smt.) KSHAMATA CHAUDHARY
33Certificate in Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Mate126 Dr. B. ARUN KUMAR
34Certificate in Prakrit Language126 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
35Certificate in Rajasthani Language and Culture126 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
36Certificate in Teaching of English126 Dr. (Smt.) KSHAMATA CHAUDHARY
37Diploma in Apabhrasha Language2412 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
38Diploma in Culture and Tourism2412 Dr. AKBAR ALI
39Diploma in Library and Information Science2412 Dr. Subodh Kumar
40Diploma in Mass Communication2412 Dr. Subodh Kumar
41Diploma in Prakrit Language2412 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
42Diploma in Social Problem in Rajasthan2412 Dr. AKBAR ALI
43Diploma in Watershed Management2412 Dr. ALOK CHAUHAN
44Diploma in Yoga Science2412 Mr. SANDEEP HOODA
45Master of Arts Economics 4824 Dr. SURENDER KUMAR KULSHRESTHA
46Master of Arts Education4824 Dr. (Smt.) KEERTI SINGH
47Master of Arts English4824 Dr. (Smt.) KSHAMATA CHAUDHARY
48Master of Arts Geography4824 Dr. ALOK CHAUHAN
49Master of Arts Hindi4824 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
50Master of Arts History 4824 Dr. AKBAR ALI
51Master of Arts Mathematics4824 Mr. RAVI GUPTA
52Master of Arts Police Administration4824 Dr. AKBAR ALI
53Master of Arts Political Science 4824 Dr. B. ARUN KUMAR
54Master of Arts Psychology4824 Dr. AKHILESH KUMAR
55Master of Arts Public Administration4824 Dr. AKBAR ALI
56Master of Arts Rajasthani 4824 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
57Master of Arts Sanskrit 4824 Mr. KAPIL GAUTAM
58Master of Arts Sociology 4824 Dr. AKBAR ALI
59Master of Business Administration4824 Dr. ANURODH GODHA
60Master of Commerce4824 Dr. ANURODH GODHA
61Master of Computer Application4824 Mr. NEERAJ ARORA
62Master of Computer Application4824 Mr. NEERAJ ARORA
63Master of Journalism2412 Dr. Subodh Kumar
64Master of Library and Information Science 2412 Dr. Subodh Kumar
65Master of Science (Computer Science)4824 Mr. NEERAJ ARORA
66Master of Science Mathematics 4824 Mr. RAVI GUPTA
67Master of Social Work4824 Dr. ALOK CHAUHAN